Questions about the Slim & Tone Legging

Q.  Are the Slim & Tone Leggings machine washable?

A.  Yes, the Slim & Tone Legging is machine washable.

Q.  Can I put the Slim & Tone Legging in the dryer?

A.  Yes, the Slim & Tone Legging can go in the dryer.

Q.  What fabric is the Slim & Tone Legging made of?

A.  The Slim & Tone Legging is 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

Q.  What makes Slim & Tone Leggings better than standard leggings?

A.  Slim & Tone Leggings combine the style of a traditional legging with the compression and slim-wear control of a body shaper. The fabric is seamless, designed to conceal cellulite, and provides 5 zone comfort of invisible support over problem spots. The waist can be worn high or low and provides extra tummy support.

Q.  What size Slim & Tone Legging should I buy?

A.  Please refer to the sizing chart. Sizing is based on your pants size.

Q.  Is the Slim & Tone legging hard to get on?

A.  No, they slip on like traditional leggings although because of their beneficial compression you may have to treat them a bit like tights to ensure the right fit.

Q.  Can I wear my Slim & Tone Legging without covering them up?

A.  Yes, they can be worn under skirts or dresses as tights or without cover as pants.

Targets 5 Problem Zones! 1 Tummy 2 Hips 3 Inner Thighs 4 Outer Thighs 5 Buttocks

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